Jan 252014

The progressive liberal has shown through their actions and ideology that they seek above all else, control. The very thought of individual enterprise or liberty is anathema to them as it goes against their desire for an all-powerful state to which all citizens owe their allegiance and blind faith. Of course, they’ll be the ones ruling as they obviously know what is best for us common peasants. How can we expected to make decisions on our own without their benevolent guidance and wisdom? The left has many weapons in their arsenal against freedom, and one of the most potent is regulation.

Liberals love regulation as they can use it to stifle freedom and initiative. Want to build a deck next to your house? You can’t because there’s regulations in place to protect that muddy puddle that they designate a wetland. Want to build a factory? Be prepared to spend decades and millions of dollars doing environmental impact studies. Not only will you have to fight far-left nutjob groups, but those groups are working hand-in-hand with government agencies. The EPA is under scrutiny with recently released documents purporting to show them working closely with eco-nuts.

regulation tyranny
A favorite tactic by progressive liberals is to put expensive and onerous burdens on legal products to stifle their use. This form of stealth gun control is proving effective for them in California as Smith & Wesson has announced that they’ll no longer be selling guns in that state. The reason why? California requires all handguns to have a microstamp on the firing pin to leave an unique mark on the shell casing when fired. This is virtually impossible to do from a costs viewpoint in a manufacturing setting. Instead of standard firing pins, you have to create individual firing pins that are slightly different and send that database to the government. Hmmm….I thought the left said they were never going to do a gun registry. The point is that liberals know that this cost would be too high so Smith & Wesson, along with Ruger, have pulled out of California.

Regulations such as this are used brutally by the left to suppress our Constitutional rights. Want to buy ammo for that rifle? Well, the costs have skyrocketed due to new taxes and fees. Want to get married in a traditional sense in Colorado? Well, be sure to pay for pre-marriage counseling given by the state and leave time open to take those classes. (If you’re gay and going for a civil union, then you’re cool.) The point is that  these methods are an end-around the normal legislative process and are designed to make the most mundane tasks insanely difficult and frustrating to even attempt. As someone who spent many hours waiting just to get approval to place a shed on a five acre piece of property, it can make you insane and want to give up. Which is the point in the first place.

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