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The cost of amnesty just keeps getting higher and higher. I was dumbfounded the other day when I heard some far-left progressive politician crying that the costs were too high for illegal aliens to apply for citizenship. He stated that when he first was elected, the cost was $90 to go through the application process but now the cost has risen to $700. In his eyes, illegal aliens paying anything for getting US citizenship is grossly unfair. However, the real kick in the pants is that all of this is unfair to the US taxpayer. Let’s take a look at the true cost of amnesty.


According to the government, there are 11.5 million illegal aliens here in the US. Personally, I think that total is somewhat low, but let’s work with that figure. The cost to process an application for citizenship is $2000 per application, and that cost assumes that everything goes smoothly and there is no need for any follow-up. Now, my personal opinion that illegal aliens should not be allowed to become US citizens aside, why shouldn’t they pay for the costs they’re foisting on the US taxpayer? The progressive idiot complaining of the high cost to the lawbreaker makes me want to start foaming at the mouth. If every illegal alien applies for citizenship under the various amnesty legislation being bandied about currently, the cost to us would be 23 billion dollars. That’s assuming there’s no hiccups in the procedure and doesn’t include further costs that may occur further along the line such as taking classes in English.

There are other hidden costs as well. If illegal aliens become US citizens, then they become eligible for federal benefits, such as Medicaid (not to mention all the billions they’re sucking out now in social services). It has been estimated that if the current illegal alien population is granted amnesty, the cost to Medicaid alone would be $40 billion in 2022. I would rather illegal aliens be granted a green card as that brings them into the open for tax purposes but doesn’t grant those lawbreakers the full benefits of coming to the US. I shudder to think of additional costs to the system with increased bilingual literature, more bureaucratic entities to help former illegal aliens get additional benefits or training, and so on. We already have staggering costs due to illegal immigration through the increased criminal actions, drain on our social services, and not to mention the rampant identity theft so they can use social security numbers to gain access to the system. Honestly, we can’t afford it and we shouldn’t reward lawbreaking.

Chew on these tidbits for perspective:

  • 11.5 million illegals in the US (estimated)
  • $23 billion to have all illegals apply to become US citizens
  • $40 billion in additional costs to Medicaid alone in 2022 (estimated)
  • Total budget of the US Marine Corps in 2010 – $29 billion
  • Total budget of NASA in 2012 – $18 billion
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  3 Responses to “The True Cost of Amnesty”

  1. Less than a $thousand to qualify (often less than $500) and life full of benefits worth $250K.
    Free everything. Plus all relatives world wide also qualify.
    And, the big plus, we get permanent democrat hegemony. Total domination by fleecing, lying democraptic pieces of garbage, forever.
    How can it get any better than that?

  2. There is even a higher cost involved in this amnesty plan than you know…U.S. sovereignty itself.

    “This pending bill is expected to include a multi-staged amnesty for at least 11 million illegal immigrants, ‘plus their relatives’”*… plus their relatives…if each illegal alien had just one or two family members…that could easily be twenty to thirty million Mexican nationals swarming into and easily overwhelming this country’s social systems. If they have three or four offspring, that could easily reach forty to sixty. Forty to sixty million Mexicans, now legalized, would be enough to replace the entire non-Mexican population in the western half of the United States. Within a few short years, we will lose U.S. sovereignty in the western region of our country.

    This is nothing less than national suicide by the political elites of both political parties (i.e., Big Labor & Big Business) in a simple effort to gain cheap labor or an easy vote. Anyone supporting such a villainous amnesty program should be tried for treason.

    ex animo
    *Click here for source.


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