Jan 082014

It was with a great deal of dismay, and yet a sense of acknowledgement that this was inevitable, that I read that Al-Qaeda terrorists captured the city of Fallujah in Iraq. This is a huge reversal as Iraq slips further into chaos after the United States left the country at the behest of Obama. The Iraqi army is currently surrounding the city and is planning to retake it, but the capture of the city is a huge blow, both militarily and psychologically. Civilians have fled the city as the Iraqi Red Crescent estimates that over 13,000 families have left Fallujah seeking refuge elsewhere. This development underscores the utter failure of Obama’s policies for Iraq and the Middle East.

Battle of Fallujah
The fact that Obama abandoned the mission in Iraq without securing any type of security agreement with the Iraqi government. He had a deadline of December 2011 and no facts would sway him from his course. As Obama had publicly declared a deadline, all the insurgents had to do was lay low and wait for us to leave. Thank goodness progressive liberals weren’t in charge of the war effort back in World War II. This is a spit in the face of the blood shed by American troops to liberate the country and attempt to bring democracy and order. Fallujah was the site of the most intense urban combat by US forces since Vietnam, where soldiers had to enter every building and every room in the city to root out the terrorists. The operation that took place in late 2004 left 95 Americans dead and 560 wounded.  It now seems that their sacrifice was in vain.

The entire foreign policy of Obama as it pertains to the Middle East is in tatters. The civil war rages on in Syria as Russia has humiliated Obama over the handling of that conflict. Afghanistan is still a quagmire, and Egypt is still in the throes of the military coup that toppled the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Morsi. Iran is moving forward to build nuclear weapons after Obama agrees to a disgraceful resolution that essentially caves in to every demand of Iran. The one true ally of the USA in the middle East, Israel, is routinely snubbed and insulted by Obama. Now we have even more fodder as former Defense Secretary Robert Gates has written that Obama’s policies towards Iraq and Afghanistan were purely political. He writes that when US generals asked for 60,000 more troops, Obama dithered for months, and then eventually sent only 30,000 but did not believe they would be successful. Gates writes that Obama ” doesn’t believe in his own strategy, and doesn’t consider the war to be his. For him, it’s all about getting out.” Normally, I would be appalled and surprised that an American president would send fewer troops than requested, while at the same time believing that their mission would fail. With Obama, though, I am no longer surprised, just still appalled. Just look at Benghazi.

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