Nov 092013

Progressive liberals just can’t help themselves. They’re so wise and all-knowing that us common peasants need them to come down from their elated heights to make decisions for us. The nanny state mentality is one that is a core component of the progressive liberal psyche, and while they cloak it with talk of good intentions, it’s all about controlling every aspect of your life. Sadly, the nanny state is going national. I never worried about Nanny Bloomberg’s crazy edicts as I don’t live in New York City, but his trans fat madness is now being picked up by the FDA.


The FDA is now banning all trans fats from food products. Bloomberg and his first health commissar, Dr. Thomas Frieden (who is now in charge of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), banned trans fat in New York City and helped launch create a strong foothold for the nanny state invasion. While restaurants and companies have been able to make the changes, it required quite a bit of time and money to craft new recipes. In addition, the shelf life of food goods has been lessened. But hey, raising the price of food and decreasing its shelf life is all good as long as you’re forced to eat what the state wants you to eat.

We all know that federal agencies like the FDA gleefully act to push the nanny state on America. Yet, many times they ignore their own guidelines that they expect us poor peasants to live under. Take the USDA for example, who put out nutrition guidelines for schools. They want schools to offer meals that contain no more than 650 calories (850 for high school), but their own cafeteria would make a belly bust. The calorie-laden breakfast offerings at the USDA cafeteria include Belgian waffles, sausage, biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash, pancakes, French toast, and scrapple (fried loaf of pork scraps and flour). They also offer pizza and grilled pork panini sandwiches ever day. If the poor dears get famished between meals, they can take a “morning break” snack and have “coffee and sweets” break in the afternoon.

All of this shows that the nanny state mentality of progressive liberals is meant for us, not them. They can indulge if they choose so as they’re so much better and knowledgeable than us filthy beasts. We should be grateful that they’re willing to devote so much time (and our taxpayer dollars) to make sure that we’re doing exactly what we should be doing. Heaven forbid we have something called free will. Just remember that the Nazis were big proponents of the nanny state too. They promoted vegetarianism, whole-grain bread, and fought against alcohol  and tobacco use. The Hitler Youth Handbook even stated, “Nutrition is not a private manner!” and “You have a duty to be healthy!” The love of the almighty state is found in this quote, “Your body belongs to the Fuhrer!” In the progressive liberal mindset, your body and thoughts do not belong to you. You’re a part of the collective and the collective has the right to interfere with your personal activities as they will impact the whole, either through your actions onto others or through actions onto yourself. So put down that Twinkie and start running in place while you gaze at the portrait of our Dear Leader while the elites eat  powdered doughnuts and drink cocktails behind closed doors.


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