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Every day it seems that our country becomes increasingly insane and the further deterioration of our country becomes move evident. Nowhere is this trend more prevalent than it is in our schools. Over the last several decades, many physical activities have been banned at schools with dodgeball being the big baddie that had to be put down. Now comes news that at the Weber Middle School in Port Washington, Long Island, have banned footballs, baseballs, games of rough tag, and even cartwheels without the supervision of a coach or an adult.

Yes, the wussification of America continues its relentless pace. The reason for such bans? The usual complaints that children could be hurt. Port Washington Schools Superintendent Kathleen Maloney said, ” Some of these injuries can unintentionally become very serious, so we want to make sure our children have fun, but are also protected.” Students were not happy with the news as could be expected.

Even cartwheels give progressive liberals heart palpitations.

Even cartwheels give progressive liberals heart palpitations.

The real reasons for the banning of activities is twofold. First is the threat of lawsuits. We all know that if a child so much as gets a scrape on their knee, some sleazy trial lawyer will appear and the sue-happy parents will seek to soak the taxpayers. I can honestly understand the fact that school boards need to be aware of this and seek to limit their liability in such matters. However, it is also indescribably sad that the first reaction of most people today in any kind of accident is, “who do I sue?” I had some scrapes as a child and my parents never even considered the possibility of suing anybody. Their reaction was to tell me not to do ever again whatever got me messed up in the first place.

The second reason why games like tag or even kickball (I heard of a school requiring kickball players to wear helmets!) is the progressive liberal ideology. Individual responsibility goes out the window. We as a collective whole are responsible for the well-being of everyone else. By extension, this means that we cannot do dangerous (in their twisted opinion) activities as by courting injury ourselves, we injure the collective whole. Progressive liberals also want to stamp out competition. Keeping score or proving one person may be better than someone else is at odds with their philosophy of equal results for all. No matter how much you work at something, your ambition, or your natural skill set, the results should always be equal for everybody with no losers or winners. This unnatural act actually results in everybody being a loser, but we already know that as conservatives because we’re actually sane.

The Big Nanny types want to remove all risk from childhood and wrap every child in bubble-wrap with a full complement of knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets. What they ignore is the fact that people LEARN from mistakes. As a very young boy (around 4), I learned fire is hot when I stuck my toe into a campfire. I burned my toe (not severely), but guess what? I learned a healthy respect for fire and the stove top. I honestly feel bad for children of today as they have no freedom to play in a rough-and-tumble manner. My elementary school actually had see-saws and swings with hard seats that you could jump out of when swinging really high. In the mornings before school, we used to play King of the Hill on a mound next to the school and many was the time I pushed a kid down the hill and many times I was the one getting rolled down the hill. The point is that not only did we have fun and get to work off our excess energy (funny how many kids are on medication today due to ADHD and other such stuff – couldn’t be because they can’t play or run around?), but we were forced to accept the consequences of our actions. Thus we were better equipped to deal with the real world when we grew up. Today’s children are ill-equipped for the adult world and recent trends confirm this. We’re not raising rugged individuals anymore, we’re raising sheep.

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  1. The fact that some schools will do this while other school such as mine literally caused a girl to have a heart condition because they would forced her into jogging for whole class periods.

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