Feb 122014

A commercial highlighting the disastrous consequences for ObamaCare will be airing in Louisiana. It’s known as the “mailbox” ad and was created by the Americans for Prosperity group to run against Mary Landrieu in the upcoming midterm elections. Many conservative outlets are hailing the ad as a masterpiece and upon viewing, I do think that it’s amazing. However, a race is not won or lost by a single ad, but it can be nudged. What this ad does is create the template that Republicans need to use to hammer progressive liberal Democrats in order to get them out of office.

It is a sad, but true, fact that most voters do not keep current with what is going on in politics. They are beset by the problems of real life, such as families, jobs, and other issues. However, that ignorance is preyed upon by progressive liberals as they lie without compunction in order to fool the public. Once in office, they work overtime to strip away our liberties and chain us to the altar of big government. They are helped in this by a compliant media that will dutifully have them on from time to time to regurgitate their lies and fool the public into their distorted viewpoint. The best way to counter this is to take the message directly to the public, but many times such ads get bogged down in minutiae and don’t adequately get the message across in a way that a layman can comprehend.

Which is why the ObamaCare mailbox ad is so effective. It doesn’t spout out hordes of numbers, such as how many millions have lost their health insurance coverage or the rising cost of basic deductibles. It cuts through all the political jargon by creating a sucker punch that every person who has had a bad letter can feel. By showing multiple families opening their mailbox while different speakers narrate how, “We’re sorry, Mrs. Jones, but we’re forced to cancel your coverage due to ObamaCare.” really hits the emotional center that every person can feel, and even better, understand.

This ad can be a game changer if conservatives and Republicans embrace it. Democrats are running scared from Obama and ObamaCare, and we have to take advantage of this. It’s time to play hardball and we have an easy fastball that we can hit for a home run in the midterm election. However, the establishment Republican Party has shown an incredible tendency to shoot themselves in the foot. They seem intent on bringing up immigration reform and amnesty, which will piss off and alienate their base. They are also working hand-in-hand with anti-Tea Party organizations, such as the US Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove’s American Crossroads. If the Republicans don’t keep their focus on ObamaCare, embrace their conservative base, and follow the template created by the mailbox ad, it’ll be a sorry midterm election result. We cannot afford to give Obama a divided Congress for the remainder of his term. We have seen the damage he has caused already. Just imagine what would be it would be like if Democrats actually took back the House.


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