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It’s absolutely amazing the lengths that progressive liberals will go to in order not to give any credit to a group or movement that they despise, even if the topic they’re talking about is actually impacted by such entities. The most recent example of this that I’ve come across occurred last Sunday while I was flipping back and forth between two football games on the tv. The two games were only a few channels apart, so would just manually go up or down the channels to catch the action. Between the two channels lies one of the many channels that I would gladly banish from my cable bundle if I could, PBS. The program that I stumbled upon was Bill Moyers talking with Dave Zirin, and the initial conversation was about sports.

As halftime came, I decided to watch a chunk of the PBS show, despite my initial misgivings. For those who do not know, Bill Moyers is a far, far left progressive liberal journalist and who has had several shows on PBS, all of which espouse his far left worldview. He is not objective and thinks that the media isn’t biased towards the left at all. On the other hand, you have Dave Zirin, a writer who specializes in the fields of sports and politics. Not surprisingly, he’s also a far left progressive liberal and is the sports editor of The Nation, a progressive magazine. He’s also done work for ESPN and called Hank Williams, Jr. a racist and proslavery after Williams criticized Obama by comparing him to Hitler. These two are so left wing that I doubt their cars are capable of making right turns upon the highway.

Two progressive liberal blowhards constructing their fantasy world.

Two progressive liberal blowhards constructing their fantasy world.

At first, the conversation was interesting in that they discussed the overlap of politics and sports, starting with the 1960s and Muhammad Ali. I thought it was interesting, despite their left wing bias, but it was when they moved to recent events that it became an exercise in liberal fantasy. Zirin talked passionately about the costs of building sports stadiums that are paid with by public funds, despite the fact that many sports owners are millionaires. I actually agree with him on this as I think the public shouldn’t pay for stadiums or buildings that are corporate owned. Businesses are very capable of financing their own construction and government should not have interfere with the free market. Zirin, however, had a different take. All the public funding for stadiums in the last 30 years was just to prepare the public for the Wall Street bailout. Wow! Who knew that pro-corporate welfare big government types could read the future? Wonder why they didn’t notice the economic downturns coming their way?

The progressive liberal bias just got worse from there and I honestly couldn’t turn away. I was consumed with morbid curiosity, just like watching a wreck, just to see what madness they were going to spout off next. I wasn’t let down as Zirin and Moyers talked about the governors, past and present but focusing more on the present, who signed these sweetheart stadium deals. Taking a page out of the progressive playbook, they named (and showed) Republican governors who did this, but only mentioned the states of Democrat governors, but not their names. That way the viewer only identified Republicans as the bad guys. They both made sure to identify the guilty governors shown as Republicans.

The best part was saved for last. Moyers asked what could be done to combat the taxpayer-subsidized welfare for sports and Zirin brought up spreading the message, getting people aware, and actively rallying against the practice. He mentioned groups in Brazil who are protesting the soccer stadiums being built for the World Cup and labor unions, who wouldn’t realize that stadium construction jobs are only short term. Zirin also managed to squeeze in references to the “1%” in case you were playing a liberal talking points drinking game. The real hoot was that both Bill Moyers and Dave Zirin went out of their way not to mention the one group who has been actively protesting wasteful spending in the US for years, the Tea Party. It was almost pathetic watching them try to spin the belief that no group in the US is protesting against wasteful government spending, especially in the area of sport teams’ subsidies. I wondered if they would lose their membership in the Progressive Liberal Journalist Club if they gave any credence to the Tea Party’s lonely fight against big government.

This is what progressive liberals do. If you do not march alongside them ideologically 100% of the time, they’ll work to erase you from existence. They won’t report on you, they won’t discuss the work your doing, and they’ll do their best to bury the knowledge of your existence. If they are forced to cover you, they’ll either try to make you look like psychos (such as doctoring the image of a Tea Party rally where a man had a rifle slung on his back where the media labeled racist but ignored the fact that the man with the rifle was black and they conveniently lopped the image so readers wouldn’t know his race) or minimize the size of your rallies (as the media normally does where a Tea Party rally will be reported at about 1/4 its actual size – at best – and liberal rallies are multiplied greatly in number). It’s never about facts or honest reporting. Instead, it’s all about rewriting history and shaping public opinion through outright lies or manipulation.  There’s no love for the Tea Party.

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