Sep 272013 is a staunch supporter of law enforcement and we have incredible respect for the good work that they do. However, we must not allow our ourselves to be blinded to misconduct and call out those who abuse their authority. When police officers engage in denying American citizens their First Amendment rights, they have to be called out. That is why our Jerk of the Week goes to the Somers, New York Police Department.

A resident of New York, Jon Gibson, became increasingly frustrated when his pro-Second Amendment signs kept disappearing and he decided to set up a hidden camera to catch the criminal. Imagine his surprise when the camera revealed that a police officer from the Somers Police Department was responsible. Two of Gibson’s signs had disappeared and this was the third sign to be vandalized. The sign in question read, “Protect the Second Amendment” with an image of what looks like an M-16 rifle.

police officer kicking over pro-gun sign

The camera captured the police officer getting out of his car and then kicking the sign so hard that the post snapped in half. The police department defended their actions, denying that the police officer attempted to destroy the sign. They said that he tried to loosen the sign, which is utter bull. If the officer had tried to lift the sign out of the ground, I would believe that. Instead, he just kicked the sign with a grin on his face.

The police department goes on to say that the signs are on the public right-of-way and that a letter had been sent to Gibson, which he says that he never received. Gibson says that he’s being singled out as other signs have not been disturbed, only his.

Honestly, this is pure trampling upon the Constitutional rights of Jon Gibson by the Somers Police Department. It must be pointed out that the sign was on Gibson’s property and right now he is having it surveyed to make clear the limits of the right-of-way. The PD claims that they’ve received “numerous complaints” but yet no citation was issued to Gibson. His only communication was with the town’s building inspector who told him to leave the sign up as Gibson was going to argue for his sign in court after getting a notice from the building inspector, not the police. For ignoring Gibson’s rights, our Jerk of the Week goes to the Somers, NY Police Department. Obama would be proud.

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