Jun 282013

Some weeks it’s hard to pick a specific Jerk of the Week here at RightWingPatriot.com. Usually we find out culprits among the progressive left as they hate America for its exceptionalism and greatness. Sadly, sometimes the viper is closer to us than we wish to believe, but we must truthfully point out those who go against conservative principles. Our Jerk of the Week  this week is the Senate Republicans who voted for the pro-amnesty immigration bill.


Yesterday, the US Senate passed the pro-amnesty “Gang of Eight” immigration bill by a vote of 68-32. As I’ve pointed out in the past, this bill would cripple our economy and the federal government will continue to ignore its duty to secure our borders.  Sadly, this travesty of a bill has been pushed not only by the progressive left, who wish to fundamentally alter the very fabric of America, but also Republicans. Fourteen turncoats masquerading as Republicans voted for the pro-amnesty bill, despite vehement opposition from their base.

These fourteen Senate Republics (as well as Roger Wicker, the fifteenth Senator who voted to bring the bill to the floor for a vote) are turncoats to the American people. These Senators talk all conservative when it’s election time, but as soon as they get to Washington, it’s all about ignoring the conservative base and expanding government. It’s time we swept these RINOs out of office, once and for all. It is up to us, the American voter, to hold our elected officials accountable. I know it’s hard in that we have to overcome all the votes cast by low-information voters (i.e., morons).

I was sickened to read Marco Rubio’s comments after the bill was passed. He said, “Here they brought their language and their customs. Their religions and their music. And somehow, made them ours as well. From a collection of people from everywhere, we became one people. The most exceptional nation in human history. And even with all our challenges, we remain the shining city on the hill. We are still the hope of the world.” We’ll be the welfare center of the world as illegal immigrants take American jobs. This turns my stomach as I had high hopes for Rubio and I even voted for him. No longer.

Not only will employers want to hire illegals who get amnesty due to they are not eligible for Obamacare, saving employees $3000 a year each, but the immigration bill also hurts American workers in other ways. Apparently, Americans are a poor choice for being an au pair and the bill expands the cultural visa program. Last year, almost 92,000 foreigners entered the USA as part of the summer-work travel category, with an additional 18,000 working as camp counselors and 14,000 as au pairs. Good thing our economy is booming and Americans aren’t desperate for work, right? Alaska seafood processors got a kickback in that they can hire young foreign workers through the summer travel program. Naturally, businesses don’t have to pay unemployment taxes, Medicare, or Social Security on these foreign workers, making it almost impossible for American workers to get hired. Thanks  Senate Republicans! (Both parties inserted tons of pork into this immigration bill.)

Here are the fourteen Republican Senators. They and Roger Wicker, are our Jerk of the Week. Remember them and get them out of office.

  • Lamar Alexander
  • Kelly Ayotte
  • Jeffrey Chiesa
  • Susan Collins
  • Bob Corker
  • Jeff Flake
  • Lindsey Graham
  • Orrin Hatch
  • Dean Heller
  • John Hoeven
  • Mark Kirk
  • John McCain
  • Lisa Murkowski
  • Marco Rubio
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