Sep 132013

As usual, there were some interesting choices for our Jerk of the Week honors. My first thought today was to pick the protestors who ripped out of the ground the 2,977 American flags representing the fallen at Middlebury College. They were the choice of my heart, but the choice of my brain went to President Obama, who takes for the second time the title of Jerk of the Week.

I know that Obama is an easy choice and I could definitely name him Jerk of the Year or Decade due to his tireless attempts to destroy American exceptionalism. Overall, there are three reasons why Obama is being picked. The first is his pathetic speech on Syria where he attempted to drum up support for his stance. It was, as Charles Krauthammer called it, an “odd” speech. Obama made zero sense as he spun from one viewpoint and then raced to an opposing viewpoint. At first, Syria was as dangerous as Nazi Germany, but in the next minute, Obama would say that Syria posed no imminent threat to the United States. It was like he was arguing with himself with all of America as the loser. I did notice his jibe at Republicans when he said that “his friends on the right” should support his military strike scenario due to their love of the military and the use of force whilst his “friends on the left” should support him due to their love of freedom and dignity. Guess I never realized I supported military action in the past as a conservative, not because I valued human life and freedom, but because  I’m a murderous thug. His outright lies were evident in the speech as he talked about the international community coming together despite the fact that no single country is actually willing to stand with us.


Our second reason for Obama taking Jerk of the Week is his remarks on 9/11. He supposedly paid tribute to the four dead Americans from the Benghazi attack last year when he was at the Pentagon. How utterly infuriating. Obama left those men to die and his administration has done everything possible to not allow a true investigation. Yet he actually has the audacity to say, “We pray for all those who’ve stepped forward in those years of war, diplomats who serve in dangerous posts, as we saw this day last year in Benghazi.” This is just another slap in the face to the families of those four dead patriots and is absolutely disgraceful.

Our clincher for Obama this week is how his White House looked at ways to provide subsidies to unions to offset the higher premiums associated with Obamacare. Labor unions have become increasingly vocal against Obamacare as they see how their cushy plans are going to get hammered by the exorbitant costs that will ravage our health care system. Behind the scenes, Obama has looked for a way to help his labor buddies out, but in a recent leak to the Washington Post, the administration realizes that there’s no legal way to subsidize the unions’ health plans. However, they’re still working to find a compromise! I feel so glad to be so unimportant in the scheme of Obama and his progressive liberal cronies that I can be royally screwed by them while all their allies don’t have to swallow the same bitter pill that I have to.

Obama has worked hard this last week to live up to his high standards of screwing over America. For his back-and-forth arguments on Syria, his desecration of the Benghazi dead, and for seeking any way to exempt Big Labor from obeying the law that us peons have to, Obama easily wins our Jerk of the Week honors.

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