Oct 132013

It behooves all Americans to stand up for what they believe in, and this intestinal fortitude is expected from our elected officials. Alas though, many of those lack any backbone at all and are quite happy to “go along to get along.” Normally, we pick some clinically insane progressive liberal to be our Jerk of the Week, but to be fair, we should pick out all those, no matter where they claim to lie on the political spectrum, who are willing to let our rights and liberties be eroded over time. Our choice for Jerk of the Week honors is establishment Republicans.

Call them establishment, beltway, or RINOs, these fake conservatives talk a big game around election time but immediately fold like a house of cards once they reach Washington, D.C. These establishment Republicans have clearly shown their true colors in the last two weeks over their remarks over the government slimdown (you can’t call it a shutdown if only 13% of the government is not working). What is especially galling is that these beltway Republicans have only utter contempt for conservative Americans and they clearly show their elitism that’s on a par with the liberal Democrats. The amount of vitriol and venom spewed towards the Tea Party has been astounding in the last few weeks. You would expect this nonsense from the Democrats and the media, but to get broadsided by those who say they support conservative issues is something else.

The fight over defunding Obamacare is essentially over as the establishment Republicans immediately stabbed their conservative brethren in the back and would not create a united front against Obama and Reid. These RINOs did everything possible to undermine the House Republicans and cozy up to Obama. Senators like John McCain and Bob Corker have constantly bashed Tea Party conservatives. Conservatives such as Cruz and Lee have been targeted just as viciously by RINOs as they have been by liberals.


Yet, these same beltway politicians ask conservatives to campaign for them, donate money, and vote for them at election time. Once conservatives have been used, we’re discarded like garbage until the next election cycle. We’re called “extremists”, “radical”, and “inflexible” just because we stand up for what is right. I thank God that such people weren’t in the Continental Congress during the Revolution or else we would still be paying homage to the Queen.

It’s time for conservatives to clean house. I would love to see term limits enacted so the same tired old faces don’t keep getting sent back to D.C. However, such actions are hard to do as many districts are drawn to ensure a re-election victory and the costs of mounting a campaign is extraordinarily high.

Our Jerk of the Week honors also extends to establishment Republicans in other areas, such as the media. I’ve seen television pundits and radio hosts pile on the Tea Party and conservative politicians lately. I was listening to one moron this night on the radio wailing how the Tea Party was dragging down the Republican Party and that a Tea Party candidate could never win a national race. Then they immediately contradicted themself and admitted that such candidates could work on the state level. Hmmm…since most states elect conservatives for governors and state legislators, it is logical to think a national conservative candidate could win as the voting trends show distinct leanings towards conservatives. The problem is that national candidates have not been conservatives. McCain and Romney weren’t conservative and voters realized that. I almost spilled my drink when the radio host said that McCain lost only because he had Sarah Palin rammed down his throat. The truth is that the only thing that gave McCain any momentum at all was Sarah Palin as his policies were progressive and he refused to fight Obama over anything. The radio host actually suggest Chris Christie as a viable candidate! Yet this same idiot proclaims themselves conservative but their every word says otherwise.

Overall, how can we expect to prevail against the progressive liberal machine if our own party is not unified and it constantly fights against itself and against its very base? We have to hold our officials accountable and get the fake conservatives out of office. We need to challenge every person that declares themselves a conservative but only work against us. With backstabbing rhetoric and contempt for their base, establishment Republicans are our Jerk of the Week.

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