Dec 222013

This week was a particularly easy one to pick for our Jerk of the Week honors. As anybody who hasn’t been living under a rock knows, a major brouhaha has blown up over A&E suspending the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family, Phil Robertson. In an interview with GQ magazine, Robertson was asked about what he considered sinful and his reply quoted the Bible and included such sins as homosexual acts, bestiality, and sex outside of wedlock. The perpetual outrage machine of the progressive liberal left went immediately into overdrive and, within a few hours, A&E had suspended Phil Robertson from the show.  This situation is incredibly hypocritical, and as such, A&E is our Jerk of the Week.

First and foremost, I will state that A&E has the right to hire and fire anybody that they wish. They are a private company and free speech does not mean that you’re entitled to a tv show. Where A&E is grossly wrong is that this entire situation sounds incredibly contrived from their stance. First, they knew exactly who they were getting when they hired Phil Robertson in the first place. He has always proclaimed his Christian beliefs and has fought with the network to include them in the tv show. The fact that they’re acting surprised over his comments rings very false to my ears. Another factor is that they knew about this GQ interview for months. If they were really troubled by it, you would think that they would have acted much earlier to spin the situation to a manner more conducive to them, PR-wise. Yet they did nothing. It makes me think that they wanted an excuse to get Phil Robertson off the show.

I know many would ask why kill the show that’s laying the golden egg for A&E? One, perhaps they thought that the show could continue without him, but the Robertson family, to their credit, is sticking together and telling A&E that it’s all of them or none of them. My honest opinion is that A&E is surprised by the success of the Duck Dynasty show. I believe their intention was that the show was to have the audience laugh at the Robertson clan, but instead the show struck a chord with good entertainment-starved Americans and millions turned in to laugh with them. Like progressive liberal critics nationwide, I’m sure the network halls of A&E were scratching their heads over why America loved a bunch of rednecks. A&E has done what they can to coarsen the show by removing Jesus from the family’s prayers and putting in false bleeps over talking to give the impression that they’re cussing like sailors on shore leave. However, the Robertson family has stood firm and demanded that A&E stop doing such acts, and they have succeeded.

Another thing to remember is that it is a lie that Hollywood is only concerned with the bottom line. In fact, staying in the close-minded fraternity of progressive liberalism of the coastal elites is the brass ring everyone is striving for. Every year, you see actors who haven’t had a hit movie in years, or a decade or longer, still get starring roles because they’re of the chosen political party. Movies that attacked the Iraq War always bombed, but yet Hollywood kept churning them out. Such losses are just a tax write off for them. (While progressives decry tax breaks for evil corporations, they’re the first in line to take advantage of them.)

I guess Christian prayer doesn't mesh with A&E's "progressive corporate values."

I guess Christian prayer doesn’t mesh with A&E’s “progressive corporate values.”

A&E has also expressed that the comments by Phil Robertson does not mesh with their progressive corporate values. I would argue that you cannot put progressive and values in the same sentence. The truth is that progressive liberalism is really regressive fascism. I guess these values are expressed in other A&E shows such as Bates Motel (rape, torture), Growing Up Gotti, Psychic Kids, and Parking Wars. Well, to be honest, I could see where Parking Wars is beloved by A&E as it shows a government bureaucracy making the lives of ordinary people harder and more miserable.

For being hypocrites and striving to stifle Phil Robertson from expressing his Christian views, A&E is our Jerk of the Week. Our runner up is the odious bullying group, GLAAD. This pro-gay lobbying group is also anti-family, anti-Christian, and anti-freedom. They’ll gladly boycott advertisers and blackball individuals who do not march in 100% lockstep with them. They are tyrants of the first order and practice the thought police fascism that they routinely charge others with.

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  1. “First and foremost, I will state that A&E has the right to hire and fire anybody that they wish. They are a private company and free speech does not mean that you’re entitled to a tv show.” Aw geez, not this again. So long as we stay wedded to the shopworn concept of “employment at will”, where an employee who is doing his job perfectly well can be let go for any reason (other than race or religion), including speaking his mind on controversial subjects–on his own time! I know many of the people who post here have an intense dislike of government action, but we need expansion of First Amendment protection to private employer-employee relationship, either by federal legislation, or judicial decision. Otherwise, there will be many more Phil Robertsons in the future.

    • I understand your sentiments, but I have to disagree. I am not entitled to a job and if a company wishes to fire me, they are free to do so. With freedom, you have to take the good with the bad. You’re free to speak your mind but then you’re also free to be hired or fired. To turn the situation a bit, if I owned a Christian bookstore and found out that one of my employees was a devoted Satanist who regularly spoke at anti-Christian seminars, would you consider it right for me to let him go? Even if he was a good worker but I considered his beliefs a possible detriment in the long term for my business?

      I’ve been fired with no good reason before and it sucks. Yet because I believe in the right to work mentality that I can be hired or fired for any reason (outside of race), I had to accept it. Once you start putting conditions on things, then they’ll eventually become so tangled that nobody will be able to act without a platoon of lawyers running amok. Anyway, that’s my two cents and you’re welcome to disagree. I think A&E can do what they want, but I can hold them accountable by cutting my cable, not purchasing their products, and not buying from their advertisers.

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