Apr 242014
ObamaCare Reality Shown by Phoenix VA Hospital Deaths

In a chilling glimpse into what Americans will have to face, it’s being reported that there has been over 40 Phoenix VA hospital deaths due to government bureaucracy and cover-ups. It appears that the Veterans Affairs hospital used secret lists so as to show that they were improving wait times for veterans to see a [Continue Reading...]

Apr 232014
Earth Day Nonsense

If you didn’t realize it, yesterday was Earth Day. Founded back in 1970, this event was created to foster support for environmental protection. (Coincidentally, it’s also the day communists celebrate the birthday of Vladimir Lenin.) Chances are you saw some news reports on the joys of recycling and other such fluff. Personally, I find such [Continue Reading...]

Apr 192014
Will Republicans Push Immigration Reform Before Midterm Elections?

I wish I knew what was in the water that the Republican leadership is drinking so we can administer a counteragent. Democrats are floundering as more and more people start realizing the true cost of ObamaCare, not to mention the out of control spending of Washington. Across the county, progressive liberal programs are being attacked [Continue Reading...]

Apr 182014
Big Government Use of Armed Intimidation Against Dissenters

All my life, I’ve heard that liberals are against authority and that they love nothing more than sticking it to the man. Such talk is usually accompanied by how the hippies changed the world by smoking pot and protesting the Vietnam war and other such nonsense. The reality, though, is far different from the narrative [Continue Reading...]

Apr 172014
Welfare State Squeezing Private Sector Workers

In the last presidential election, Mitt Romney was savaged by the media and the cultural elites for pointing out that 47 percent of voters will vote for Obama as they’re getting subsidies from the federal, state, or local governments. Romney was vilified as an evil, out-of-teach aristocrat that despised the less fortunate. The truth is [Continue Reading...]

Apr 162014
More Attacks Coming Against the Second Amendment and the NRA

The midterm elections of 2014 are coming up and the anti-Second Amendment forces are starting to step up their attacks on our gun rights. The biggest offender is former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is spending $50 million to defeat pro-gun candidates and to destroy the National Rifle Association. He announced his campaign on [Continue Reading...]

Apr 132014
Jerk of the Week - Brandeis University

It’s that time of the week where we once again look for a person or entity that shows itself to be an utter hypocrite or works to undermine American values. Many of our Jerk of the Week winners have been progressive liberals, but we’ve also taken aim at Republicans as well who just wish to [Continue Reading...]

Apr 122014
Student Union Banning Leads to Unusual Coalition

From time to time, a situation arises that gives truth to the old adage, “politics makes for strange bedfellows.” The current case in point can be found at Cardiff University. The Students’ Union there recently decided to ban all pro-life demonstrations on campus. In a sweet use of irony, the Students’ Union was outraged over [Continue Reading...]

Apr 102014
Range War in Nevada Heats Up

It’s rather hard to believe in this day and age, but there’s a range war in Nevada that’s heating up. The last rancher in Clark County, Nevada, is defying the federal government’s orders to remove his cattle from grazing on federal land. The land in question was restricted by the feds in 1998 from being [Continue Reading...]