Apr 162014
More Attacks Coming Against the Second Amendment and the NRA

The midterm elections of 2014 are coming up and the anti-Second Amendment forces are starting to step up their attacks on our gun rights. The biggest offender is former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is spending $50 million to defeat pro-gun candidates and to destroy the National Rifle Association. He announced his campaign on [Continue Reading...]

Apr 132014
Jerk of the Week - Brandeis University

It’s that time of the week where we once again look for a person or entity that shows itself to be an utter hypocrite or works to undermine American values. Many of our Jerk of the Week winners have been progressive liberals, but we’ve also taken aim at Republicans as well who just wish to [Continue Reading...]

Apr 122014
Student Union Banning Leads to Unusual Coalition

From time to time, a situation arises that gives truth to the old adage, “politics makes for strange bedfellows.” The current case in point can be found at Cardiff University. The Students’ Union there recently decided to ban all pro-life demonstrations on campus. In a sweet use of irony, the Students’ Union was outraged over [Continue Reading...]

Apr 102014
Range War in Nevada Heats Up

It’s rather hard to believe in this day and age, but there’s a range war in Nevada that’s heating up. The last rancher in Clark County, Nevada, is defying the federal government’s orders to remove his cattle from grazing on federal land. The land in question was restricted by the feds in 1998 from being [Continue Reading...]

Apr 092014
Karl Rove Pushes Establishment Republicans in California

Karl Rove was in Sacramento recently and was speaking to the community’s business leaders. The event was a $1000 a plate “Leadership Trust” dinner held by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. Rove talked about the upcoming governor’s race in California and gave his two cents on the Republican candidates. As to be expected, he [Continue Reading...]

Apr 082014
Liberal Tolerance on Display

One of the most fascinating things about human nature is that when a person usually boasts of something, they tend to be the exact opposite. Those who profess to be charitable usually turn out to be stingy, and those who claim humility as their greatest virtue tend to rub their achievements in your face. This [Continue Reading...]

Apr 052014
Jerk of the Week - Gay Marriage Activists

Liberals are always spouting that they practice tolerance and that mean old conservatives are all bigots who would round up undesirables into internment camps if given half a chance. We know that such views are nonsense, and that progressive liberals prove themselves on a daily basis to be festering mounds of hate and anger. If [Continue Reading...]

Apr 042014
It's Time to Arm the Troops

In the wake of another shooting rampage in a gun-free zone, it is high time that actual measures be put into place to protect innocent lives. Ivan Lopez targeted those unable to defend themselves as Fort Hood suffered another horrendous attack four years after the terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan killed fourteen people. The death toll [Continue Reading...]

Apr 032014
Is Democracy Dead after Supreme Court Strikes Down Political Contribution Limits?

From some of the headlines and commentaries that I’ve been reading, you would think that America has finally fallen and collapsed into a pit of eternal darkness. The culprit is the recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down political contribution limits. In a the now normal 5-4 split, the SCOTUS decided that limiting the number [Continue Reading...]

Apr 022014
Is ObamaCare a Success?

With the March 31st deadline now passed for ObamaCare, it seems that the Obama administration is in full gloat mode. They say that 7 million people have signed up for ObamaCare and that despite a rocky start, the program is a success. President Obama gave a speech in the Rose Garden today, saying, “The law [Continue Reading...]